Dr Sunil Kapoor RKDF, Bhopal Madhya Pradesh

Excellence in all offered fields of education is one primary goal of all educational institutes. But along with excellence, the need for integrity and ethic is also of utmost importance. In line with this thought process, the Chairman of the RKDF University in Bhopal, aims to provide state-of-the-art education along with innovation and knowledge and sharing. The greatest of the professionals in any field is not successful without the touch of humanity in them and thus, the approach of the University in imparting education is based on values that drive the society.

The RKDF University in Bhopal provides a holistic approach towards knowledge, research and morals conveyed to its students. The epicentre of this approach is the excellence in the quality of education so that its students achieve the epitome of success and their professional achievement reaches the pinnacle of growth.

The students of today if given the right direction will become the leaders of tomorrow and education plays a major role in achieving this.  However, academic growth is incomplete without the involvement of a dependable faculty and an approachable management. Thus, as the Chairman of the RKDF University, Dr Kapoor ensures both these factors are a part of the educational culture imparted by the organisation. To ensure this purpose is achieved, cutting-edge research and course structure is formulated and implemented as per the requirement of the students. The University aims to develop the potentials of its students through informed perception of regional, Indian and global needs.

The Strategic Goals Of The University

Dr Sunil Kapoor has excellent strategic planning that he has capably proved through his previous job roles. This is especially true for his position of the board member of Jute Corporation of India, Calcutta, where he had organised strategic planning sessions for weak area analysis, and motivated marketing department and implemented recovery strategies. In fact as the Vice Chairman (Finance) of All India Football Federation, he put forth excellent strategies and devised methods to promote football in the country. Thus, accordingly, some of the strategic goals of the RKDF University under the aegis of Dr Kapoor are as follows:

  • To provide quality education for ensuring a bright future for the professional growth of its students and make provisions for research and innovation.
  • To develop a prominence of the RKDF University in Bhopal and eventually to the whole of India and prove its leadership as a primary role of the flagship university.
  • To recruit capable and trustworthy faculty and staff so that the teaching, research and learning methodologies are excelled and enhanced at every step.
  • To benchmark the academic, research, scholarship and service priorities at par with the , top tier university
  • To continue emphasising and promoting growth and national prominence.
  • To develop and facilitate an attractive and outstanding learning environment for the students to enable them to avail best of the facilities.

The organisation also focuses on promoting self-awareness and competency. The RKDF University in Bhopal depicts cultural synergy with students from all backgrounds and different states of the country participating in knowledge sharing and taking admission in its colleges. The University offers many course and the students can choose from full time degree course in Medical, Management, Engineering, Commerce and Other Graduate and Post Graduate courses. Not just by its high class of educational excellence but also with its architectural beauty and ambience, the organisation holds a good reputation among its culturally diverse students. It provides best-of-its-class infrastructure and modern laboratory equipped with latest technology and most modern day institutional amenities.

Dr Sunil Kapoor As The Chairman Of The University

Dr Sunil Kapoor as the Chairman of the RKDF University in Bhopal has always tried to provide the best to its students and in this manner has ensured the top-class facilities and amenities. Dr Sunil Kapoor is an M.B.B.S, DCH, MIAP, PCMS and has done his PGDBM in Finance. He is also a PhD in UK, Finance Management. In the very beginning of his career he had the opportunity to serve as the Honorary Advisor to Educational Societies in Central India. Thus, from then on his interest towards serving the educational needs of the youth and anyone in need of knowledge sharing was very much etched in his objectives. Thus, as the Chairman of the RKDF University, he aims to fulfil his dream of taking education to one and all and moulding the future of the nation in the right direction with the help of enhanced knowledge and ethical values. Click To Know More About Dr Sunil Kapoor

Dr Sunil Kapoor RKDF, Bhopal Madhya Pradesh